Blog Control

I chose Movable Type as the most versitile of the blogging engines. Numerous posts on the internet made it look like a serious challenge to install it onto a webpage system. It did take me five hours to get everything installed and working.

Now I want to use some of that versatility. I want a calendar on the main page, as well as a few favorite links that I want everyone to see “Above the Fold”, as it were. Getting these set up is going to take some time. So far, I’ve been frustrated by buttons that don’t work (“Push here to preview your new template! Looks nice, eh? Push here to publish. Fooled you! Now everyone just sees programming scripts!”).

Until I finish playing with things, here are the links that will eventually be displayed:

Apogee Communications, my professional workspace
Steussy Family Page, my reason for living
My Bio, a work in progress

Family/Friend Blogs (only two of those now):
Gabi’s iWiW Page (Hungary’s answer to My Space)
Cally’s Japan Blog

It’s extremely frustrating not getting things to work the way you want.

And, just to make sure everyone sees it, I need to post our Rock Climbing video. “Where’s Camilla? What happened to her? There she is, 50 feet in the air! Get the video camera while I rescue her!”

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