Friday before Memorial Day

I’d originally planned on putting up a video of our trip to the San Diego Zoo on Thursday, but domestic responsibilities meant that I had no time to do the editing. We’re all used to endless hours of professionally edited and scored television and movies (and a lot of YouTube as well), so it may come as a surprise that even trying to do a reasonable job is extremely difficult and slow work.

Someone once told me to assume 10 minutes of editing for every minute of on-air video, and I now think that is the least amount of time that I have spent on any of my videos. Clipping only the best bits together, retiming them so they make sense, removing audio where it is inappropriate, trying to make appropriate audio reasonably understandable (particularly when most of my victims, err, subjects are small children) takes time and attention to detail.

The video below is from my son’s fourth birthday. It has a playing time of 8 minutes. It easily took more than four hours to create, and still has a lot of things I would like to fix. But, hey, it’s published, the parents of the kids like it (usually an easy crowd, myself included), and I really like the soundtrack I overlaid (The Mummers’ Dance by Loreena McKennitt).

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