Mexico and the iPhone

This weekend, we are off to our favorite seaside resort in Mexico, the Estero Beach Resort in Ensenada. We’re off tomorrow with all four of the Temecula Steussy’s, our guests from Budapest (Ferenc, Andrea and Laura), as well as Tunde, Reszo, and Jon. It will be a crowd! I’m very much looking forward to having margaritas and chips on the bar overlooking the sea with everyone.

The infamous iPhone is coming out tomorrow. Even though I was in San Francisco for the launch (and it was the best MacWorld I have ever been to), I’ve decided to forgo buying one at least for now. Price is less a problem than leaving my current service which I’ve grown to tolerate.

Mind you, I hate Verizon just as much as their next customer. They seriously crippled the features of my Motorola v710 in a vain attempt to siphon extra dollars from me. Yes, I have the ability to take photos and video and share them immediately with my wife/family/friends. Do I do it? No – Verizon charges a ridiculous amount of money for using their service, and cripples the phone so I can’t use the internet connection to get around them. Oh, and that fully functional POP3 email client included with the phone by Motorola? Completely deleted by Verizon. I’ll take the very first opportunity to leave Verizon Wireless that I can.

But that doesn’t mean I like AT&T much better. Yes, they opened their system so that the Apple phone can make full use of its technology (it’s about time!). But their coverage is nothing short of abysmal. I used AT&T/Cingular for most of my life in California before moving to Temecula. When I lived across the block from the Directors’ Guild on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, I put up with their complete lack of cell coverage everywhere in that area. No coverage at Disneyland either. I frequently wondered who they thought their customers were? Where did they think their customers lived, worked or used their phones? Certainly not Hollywood Directors/Producers … Certainly not tourists in Anaheim … Certainly not … well, the list goes on.

When I moved to Temecula and tried to use my AT&T/Cingular phone inside my house only to find NO SIGNAL, I decided that enough was enough. I’m a grown man now, dang it!, and I want to call from my easy chair in my own home. I switched to Verizon, the great Satan of abused cellphone technology, because they have a nice clear signal EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere. Sailing on the coast, driving in rural Wisconsin and at home in my easy chair in the gazebo, I can use my phone. I can’t do that with AT&T/Cingular.

And I use my Verizon phone to “tether” my laptop while I am on the road. This allows me to make a cellular connection at ISDN speeds from anywhere. And the iPhone doesn’t support that.

*SIGH* I do have some serious geek envy about the iPhone, but I know that these two issues (no signal at my home and other places, can’t use it with my laptop) would make the iPhone feel like a serious step backwards.

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