Family Update

Christopher phoned in this morning with his update – he is still on Fire Island in New York. Everyone is having fun. Today was the first day he’d even looked at email in a week. Vacation, as it were.

So, let’s bring you up to date on the rest of us.

Dan-dan. Biggest news is the most recent doctor visit. His left side is growing faster than his right side (hemihypertrophy). The difference has been smaller at some times, larger at others. Right now, while the difference is somewhat noticeable in his face and arms, it is clear in his legs. His left leg both has more girth and 2.5cm more in length than the right leg.

The orthopedist has told us that there is no danger of permanent problems with Dan-dan’s development right now, but that if by age 11 the problem is this significant or more, several small surgeries will be needed to correct the size difference. Dan-dan continues to see two specialists at three to six month intervals to keep a watch on him.

Camilla. Continues to grow and mature. She is constantly channeling her inner Aunt Cally, as she stubbornly insists on doing things her way, usually meaning doing them herself (choosing clothes, dressing, eating, getting in the car). She hasn’t tried to run anyone else’s life yet, but we figure it’s only a matter of time.

Gabi. The pregnancy continues. All is normal here at the beginning of the eighth month. Her belly is large, she has less energy and suddenly everything seems too hot. She likes feeling the little boy inside her, but it takes a lot out of her.

Ed. Is working hard. The busy part of the season traditionally starts in August, and everything is ready. At last count, Apogee had over 350 contractors fully logged into our system (people who have worked for us at one time or another, successfully finished a project and been paid). Most are translators, along with graphic artists, writers and editors. Things are bound to get interesting this year.

Temecula is having an average summer, not nearly as hot as last year. The housing collapse in the area has, surprisingly, largely passed us by. There are nearby neighborhoods where as many as ten percent of the houses are in foreclosure, but our little clutch of homes has been spared so far.

Those are the major points. I’ll continue with the minutiae of events in this blog. Keep a watch here for our big events, particular the arrival of the new little boy sometime in late September.

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