July Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the two July birthdays: Uncle Christopher Steussy on the 29th and Cousin David Steussy on the 27th. After you have kids, all family relations are defined by how THEY should see things, not how people are actually related to you. Must make things confusing …

I remember being in Canada in 1982 when I got the phone call from Nic that David had been born. The parents, Chris and I were on a cross-Canada trip at the time. Nic had called our room since the hotel had two Steussy rooms and the receptionist chose ours at random. It was quite early. I said, “Great”, and went back to sleep. We told the parents (whom the message was truly intended for) over breakfast a couple of hours later.

My belated, but heartfelt, apologies over that delay 25 years ago.

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