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Trash Trucks

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

Ferenc, one of our guests this summer from Hungary, was fascinated by California trash trucks. The trash trucks here automatically pick up the trash from special containers, which everyone has. I took a video.

This also allows me to showcase a new discovery: I can host my own videos rather than running them through YouTube. I know that I can get much better quality from my own videos, but it’s going to take some fiddling. See below:

From YouTube:


Saturday Morning

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

Up at 5:30 this morning, running with Pappy through the horse trails of Temecula. Back now, with coffee in hand and the whole house still asleep. I haven’t written anything for a couple of days, so time for a general family update.

Gabi continues her pregnancy, keeping house, and running after kids. Its a lot of work on her part, but she does it all well. This has been a tougher pregnancy than previous ones, but nothing that she can’t handle.

Dan-dan is coming off a series of fevers, probably associated with the immunizations he got last week for his four-year-old check up. His train creations in the living room are growing steadily more complicated, with inter-connecting series of bridges and turnoffs and switches.

Camilla continues growing, holding Lumpy (her favorite stuffed animal, a purple elephant) by the nose and carrying him around the yard; swinging him in the infant swing, taking him on car rides in one of our Flintstone-style push cars.

As-Yet_Unnamed continues to grow. We do have a name for him, but its still temporary and subject to change, so don’t ask.

Dad is working hard. A series of late week deadlines kept him from adding anything to his blog over the last couple of days.

Speaking of which, the Freitag Farm blog has not received any direct email response. The log files show that quite a few members of the family looked in on it, from as far as South Korea and Canada, but no one asked for access to make their own entries, nor left any comments for the others to see. I’ll play with it some more, probably plugging in some genealogical data that a distant cousin sent me months ago.