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Upgrading the Server

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

So now that I have four months under my belt running my own server, things are getting interesting. Not only am I running three blog sites (,, and a Freitag Family Farm that is still in the planning stages), I am also running ftp and backup email services for Apogee Communications, six translation sites (a business idea that did not pan out) and now I will be professionally hosting a blog site for one of my clients. Cool stuff, no?

Well, when I started this, I ran everything on an old circa-2001 computer that I bought through eBay. I figured, if it was good enough for Google, its good enough for me.

Now that things are getting serious, its time to get a real server. I have one ready – 1.5GB of RAM, 80GB hard drive and a 3GHz processor. Not bad. However, the simple migration systems don’t seem to work. It looks like I might have to re-install my programs each and every one separately. At least I have an extra IP address to test things on ….

Long story short – I have a method to work on things which means we should experience very little down time. If you can’t connect for some reason, try again in five minutes. It should be back.