How to Migrate Ubuntu Server (Dapper Drake 6.06)

Regular readers of this blog will have no interest in the following, so I have put it behind the fold. Enjoy our new server!

After a week of trying to get my installation from a circa-2001 computer to a newly purchased 2007 computer (best part: deleting the Vista installation that came with it!), I finally figured it out. It comes down to a few easy steps.

I’m a novice at this, so if anyone has anything to add, please make a comment.

First of all, do a backup of your old installation. Follow the normal steps here:

with one change. Don’t backup the /boot directory. So, for bz2, this becomes:

tar cvpjf backup.tar.bz2 –exclude=/proc –exclude=/lost+found –exclude=/backup.tar.bz2 –exclude=/mnt — exclude=/sys –exclude=/boot /

Copy backup.tar.bz2 into some readable format. I burned it onto a DVD. You can also remove the hard drive from your original system and install it as a second hard drive in the new system in order to transfer the backup file.

Shutdown the old server and physically remove it. Put the new server in its place. Plug the new server directly into the same connections as the old server. Install Ubuntu Server (Dapper Drake 6.06) on your new system. Just follow the onscreen directions, or follow the first two pages of directions here:

Copy backup.tar.bz2 to the root of the new server. Expand the backup:
tar xvpfj backup.tar.bz2 -C /

Reboot your computer. The only problem now is to reassign the Mac address to your network card.

Run ifconfig -a

You’ll see that your system has found your new network card and assigned it eth1. Copy this Mac address.

Edit /etc/iftab, and change the Mac address for eth0 (it was the one used by your old system) to the new one that your system just found.

Now you need to make sure that your network sees the new server and treats it like the old one. Go to the router settings on your network, and assign the new Mac address to the old server’s static IP address. Another possibility is to spoof the old Mac address on your new server by using information here:


You have just migrated your server.

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