First Movies—Ratatouille

Camilla went to her first movie today—Ratatouille. It was Dan-dan’s second movie (after Pixar’s Cars). It was quite a family outing. Camilla loved the Diet Coke and popcorn, Dan-dan did too. We also had hot dogs and nachos, but the kids ignored those. It was a fun little movie. We love Pixar.

The biggest problem with taking the kids to the movies is that we can’t pre-screen the ads. A lot of the movies have previews that are too violent or scary for our kids. We trust Pixar and Disney, but no one else who makes G rated movies. We’d prefer our kids not to even see the ads. When waiting for Cars, Dan-dan sat through the intro to a movie about a house that ate people … not something I would choose for him.

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  1. crs says:

    We’re right there with you. Cars was our first movie as well and I loved it. We now own it! Our second movie was Meet the Robinsons. Not nearly as good but still cute. Ads are one of the principal reason we avoid broadcast TV as well. Right now the kids are watching Speed Racer which is violent, but its violence I know and am OK with. They only get to watch their videos on weekend mornings. During the week nada. It was a big wake up call for me when Isabella was one and we were watching the Simpsons together (the one show I really miss) and Marge did something that made her cry with fear. That was the begining of the end of TV for us.

    PS – what in world are you giving Camilla Diet Coke for?

  2. Ed says:

    Dan-dan and Camilla share Dad’s Diet Cokes. Besides, who eats/drinks healthy food at a movie theatre?

  3. Emma says:

    Awww how great! I’m glad you all had a fun day out. I took my little brother and sister to see Shrek 3 a couple of months ago…they lovced it! But atually were more more distracted with the other people and the lights laong the center!! much love, miss you all………

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