More photos of Aaron

Ed is back home in Temecula with Dan-dan and Camilla. Mom and Aaron will spend the night in the hospital. The Temecula group will drive to Riverside tomorrow to pick up Mom and the new baby.

Dan-dan (who is now wide awake well past his bedtime) says he had a great time at Evan’s house. He loves the pictures of Baby Aaron.

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  1. Ihász says:

    Congratulations !!!!!!

  2. G&G&A&J&? says:

    WOW!!! he is very cute!!!

  3. MOM says:

    Glad to see our newest grandchild and his Mom and Dad. He is cute. There are busy though rewarding times ahead. In fact, for many years. Love all of you and am eager to see you. LOVE, MOM

  4. ihász says:

    very small (little?) and very nice baby!!!

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