Fire from Temecula

On Tuesday, I woke up at 3:30am to catch a flight to San Francisco. When I opened the garage door, I could see fires on top of the mountain in this photo. I woke Gabi up so she could see it as well.

That said, we were never nervous about the fires this year. They all occurred downwind of us, so even though they were physically close, they did not seem dangerous. In fact, Temecula was the preferred evacuation site for much of Northern San Diego County.

On the map here, you can see that the big fire was the one in central San Diego County (the Witch fire). The one that was close to us was the Rice Canyon Fire, which came within five miles of Temecula. This fire forced the complete evacuation of Fallbrook, a small military-support town just over the county line in San Diego County.

Last year, we were much more nervous, as there was a large fire upwind of us. It was not as noteworthy as the events over the past few days, but had a more direct impact on us here.

Kids are out from school both Thursday and Friday this week due to bad air conditions. I’m not sure how staying home helps them, or anyone else for that matter. Most of the evacuees have been allowed to return home at this point. And while thousands of homes were lost, the vast majority are still standing. This is not another Katrina-scale incident.

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