Hey all, Christopher here,

we are well. still in our little house in la mesa. My principal and our friends in Spring Valley (just a few miles south & east of us) have been ordered to evacuate but so far we are OK. News says winds are dying down a bit. Best reference to follows the fires is here;

and if for some reason that link doesn’t work just go to and type in Harris Fires and hit the gooogle map link that pops up.

There are around 1 million persons displaced now because of the fires (county population is around 3 million) so the swath of concern is truly vast. We are staying indoors with windows closed because the air is so bad and we’re keeping our power usage to a minimum as so many lines are down. Kids are doing well (playing chess with Norma right now while I take a break, but its been much more rambunctious than that).

As a former midwesterner this even has some similarities to our own disasters. Its sort of like an ice storm and a tornado all at once. Everbody tells you to hide, as in a tornado, the event covers miles and miles, like an ice storm, and thousands of structures might be destroyed/imagine a big heavy ice storm or lots of tornados)

I’m sure Ed can put up some great picturtes but I won’t bother futzing with that for now. The fire has gone as far as east Del Mar (the horse track) and is now spreading over Palomar mountain in the North.

Must go ref. the chess game. over & out.

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  1. isabella says:

    oh and in the first chess game, daddy cheeted ! so in the secend game with my mami I flew out becouse I thought she was cheating!

  2. Ed says:

    Isabella :

    You know that your Daddy doesn’t cheat, and it isn’t nice to call him a cheater. Or your Mom either. Hope you are learning to play chess well.

    Uncle Ed

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