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Friday Updates

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Halloween was a big success. This was the first year that the kids knew what was going on from the get-go. We managed to get 75 percent of our way around the block before Dan-dan tired out (Camilla was still going strong). Lots of candy for all. Interestingly, Gabi reported many fewer kids coming to our door this year.

Football – Andy wins again! Ed is in solid second place, which means that my overall standings are still firm. This weekend will see the Patriots at the Colts, and for once local TV will allow us to watch. Usually, TV here focuses on the local teams (San Diego, Oakland, San Francisco), so we don’t usually see the Midwest and East Coast teams. Go Colts (yes, I chose Indy in the pool).

Kids continue to love school. They look forward to it every morning. Dan-dan is drawing letters and numbers—Camilla’s class is a bit more basic, with lots of singing and playing. I’m very impressed with the school and the teachers.

We’ve continued showing Star Wars to the kids. We finished Episode 4 the other day, and just started on Episode 5. These are the early ones that I grew up with. They both love watching the show, which they just call “Space Ships”.

Work remains surprisingly busy, long after the traditional crunch season. It would certainly be nice for this level of work to continue throughout the year, rather than just concentrated in late summer and early fall. Realistically, I don’t see the pattern changing, but I do foresee a gradual increase in the amount of work each year for the next two to three years.