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Saturday, November 10th, 2007

In advance of our ten day Thanksgiving trip to the Midwest, I finally bought a BlackBerry. There aren’t many people I know more attached to their email than I am (there are several customers and vendors worth 10’s of thousands of dollars to my business whom I have never spoken to on the phone, much less met in person). Email is the essential conduit for almost everything I do.

Until now, I’d been using a simple cellphone which allowed me to check email through a sandbox account on Yahoo. The phone, as originally designed, was perfectly capable of handling full data stream email, but Verizon has a habit of impairing their phones to maximize revenue. My system works well enough as long as only a dozen serious emails a day are transacted. Things are moving much faster these days. Time to buy the BlackBerry.

The basic functions worked immediately – I have full access to business and personal email, with the ability to send as well. There are nagging problems (what do you mean, no spam filter?), but I’m sure there is a way around them.

Not one of the problems I currently have would be a problem on the iPhone, which further increases my respect for the design.