Camp Discovery

We stopped in Lafayette to check out Nic’s living and working accommodations. This photo shows our invasion (five people is a big group) to Nic’s shared office in the basement of the Lily building at Purdue. Nic and the other mad scientists were hard at work.

Camp Discovery (Nic’s apartment in Lafayette) was much more livable than I had imagined.

Another view.

I was leaving (I’d stayed behind as the others left for Indianapolis as I had work to do) and turning off the lights when I found this familiar sight. Where had I seen this table and lamp before? Ahh! They were from the house at Lake Santee! I didn’t know that any of the furniture had survived my garage sale there.

Great garage sale that was in winter 1992 – after paying David and Cally for helping, I had enough left over to buy my ticket to Prague. It did hurt to sell the Sunfish for less than $50, but it was in serious need of attention at that point.

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