Good’s Candies in Kenard

This little chocolate shop is one of the finest I have ever been to. And that includes shops in Southern California, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. It puts Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco to shame (though Ghiradelli has a cooler building and a knock-dead view of the Golden Gate bridge). And this little shop is located in Kenard, in Henry County, Indiana.

The key to ordering from them is to emphasize the chocolate. Their fillings are quite good, but the chocolate is second to none.

Everyone is urged to order there now. This shop is barely out of the nineteenth century, not to say in the twentieth. Not having air conditioning, they shut down every summer when we usually travel to Indiana. They do not have a website – you have to call them (it is OK to call from a cellphone, but I guarantee you will be answered on a landline).

Good’s Candies
116 S. Main St., – Kennard – (765) 785-6776

The kids got a tour of the chocolate making facilities, where the candies are shaped by hand. Proof is below.

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