It was a great little visit. We stayed at Nic and Marti’s house in Indianapolis, camped in the two cold upstairs rooms which used to be David and Cally’s bedrooms. We ate, drank, talked, drove to family and ate, drank and talked some more.

All of the photos are below the line …

Aunt Cally really enjoys little kids. Hint to Andy …

Parents come over for Thanksgiving dinner with Nic, Marti and the Ed Steussy clan.

This big blue ball made it into almost every room in the house.

Baby Aaron enjoys Thanksgiving at Nic’s.

A great success was Marti’s idea of drawing time for the kids.

Dan-dan and Camilla had never seen leaves fall before. Where are the palm trees and roses?

Dust Bunny enjoys his perch over the main room.

We visited the Steussy-Williams during our hajj to New Castle.

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