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Wall Street Journal reports …

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

I am in the right industry. From this morning’s videogame article: “For the year, total sales in the US videogames business, including hardware and software, could be as much as $19 billion … that would be more than 50% growth over 2006 and the games business’s best showing ever.” Worldwide figures are typically a bit more than twice the US figure, so look at it as $40 billion. When I started in 1996, the whole industry was less than $3 billion.

In another article, an acquaintance of mine from Microsoft has started a business “printing” 3D statues of World of Warcraft characters. Find it here.

Finally, Alan Greenspan has an Op-Ed piece where he maintains his convictions from his book, and builds on them. The mortgage crisis is really a problem of too much savings seeking too few investments in the international market, stemming from the end of the Cold War and the entrance of billions of new players in the world market. The individual central banks are no longer in control of their economies in the wake of an ever-changing and ever-increasing world economy.

Big stuff for a Wednesday morning. Time to go fill up the car.