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Gift Buying Guide

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Note that Apple was exceptionally generous to its employees this holiday season. Look for big things at MacWorld this year (first week in January). Time to buy Apple stock now …

On the Second Day of Christmas …

Friday, December 14th, 2007

… my true love gave to me, two more-or-less healthy kids staying home from school! The Big Ones claim to be healthy, and Gabi is keeping them home so they stay that way for our weekend festivities (San Diego and Los Angeles are both on tap).

Christmas cards are the biggest production of the season. From taking photos (“Sit straight!”, “Don’t stick your tongue out!”, “Baby Aaron threw up!”, “Daddy, see these balls I just pulled from the Christmas tree?” – do you wonder why Pappy is no longer in our holiday photos?), to printing, to writing the letter, to translation into Hungarian, organizing address labels, to stuffing and stamping – these 180 or so cards are a major production. Real Christmas in the Steussy household cannot get underway until those are done and out of the way.