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Quiet days. We never finish all of the Christmas presents on Christmas Day itself – though we do try to open all of the ones from outside the immediate family, so we can thank them for the gifts. We’ll take a few more days opening the last of the kids’ presents.

Big presents for us this Christmas: Dan-dan’s cool blue car (with a working radio!) and Camilla’s talking kitchen set. Gabi got an HD camcorder (well, a promise for one – we bought it over the internet after Christmas, saving $250 – it arrives next week). Ed got a digital picture frame from Gabi that did not work (or I couldn’t figure it out). I returned it, and have not decided what to do yet. I think it will end up being a copy of Madden Football for Xbox and a new hard drive for my laptop.

Most gifts were directed to our future six months in Europe: camcorder, a dozen travel guides, winter clothes for Gabi.

It’s so nice to stay at home with no threat of work coming in. Work is a good thing, mind you, but it’s very nice to have a full week completely off.

More as things happen … we’re expecting some visitors this week and will post photos. Next week will start the serious let’s-get-ready-to-travel preparations.

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