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First Travel Entry

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

This is the first of the travel entries. There haven’t been any posts for the last few days, since we’ve been BUSY! Work has coming pouring in (not any more than we can handle, mind you, but far more than we’d expect from the January slow season). And preparations are being made to become fully mobile.

On the technology front: and a few other domains will be transfered to a new, outside dedicated server (purchased yesterday). The laptop has received a complete overhaul to ensure that it is robust enough to operate as a stand-alone Mac and a stand-alone PC. Back-up systems have been re-designed.

On the home front: Setting up something for Pappy has taken front stage. Our original plan, taking him to Hungary, has turned out to be ludicrously expensive and difficult, so we need to find something for him here in the US. Once that is determined, we move on to setting up the house for our six month absence and figuring out what few things will come with us in the move.

In Budapest: more frustration than anything else. The kids’ daycare (the first thing we nailed down back in September) is now up in the air. We’re seriously hampered by the low value of the dollar, so this will be a much less sumptuous journey than we initially imagined.

More details as things happen. Look for the Suitcase emblem.