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Our Trip

Monday, January 28th, 2008

We had many well-wishers come to see us off Saturday. Shown above is Natalie and the whole crowd of five kids on the sofa waiting for the final exit. Not shown are Marv and Brenda, who kindly took us to the airport in a two car motorcade. Also not shown is next door neighbor Christine, who is looking after Pappy. The cars are here, parked to allow Chris to jump-start them on a far future day when he arrives to try and get them to remember that they are vehicles.

The London plane was two hours late. Our connecting flight was also delayed, so we did make it. More than half of our luggage did not. British Airways kindly returned it the next day.

We arrived, and everyone was waiting for us! At the airport were Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Attila, and Andrea/Ferenc/Laura (who were with us this summer). At Great-Grandma’s house we had Great-Grandma, Bobbi, Judit, Peter, Matte and David.

Resting here from a hard shopping trip, setting up cellphone accounts and getting needed items for Ed’s first day at work from Budapest in over four years. Wonder where we can see the Superbowl …

Arrived in Budapest

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Yes, we’re here! Long story – will write if I have time later today.

Until then, please write down/memorize/burn to disk the following phone numbers. They are our primary European contacts for the next six months.

Gabi’s Phone :
20/551-2155 (from the US – 011-36-20-551-2155)

Ed’s Phone:
20/570-2303 (from the US – 011-36-20-570-2303)

To our Hungarian friends, please call Gabi so we’re sure to have your current phone number! Right now would be a good time …