We made a tentative decision today. We chose a freshly renovated apartment in a very nice part of the district (coffee shops, book stores, etc. close by). The landlady is buying furniture for the place to suit our needs. We are scheduled to move in February 8. Lease signing is on Monday.

There is a lot of information here, and a lot of pictures, so I have put them behind the fold.

The apartment is right where the green arrow is. This really is the center of the city. It’s called Calvin Square (Kálvin Tér), and it has its own Metro station by the same name. It’s hard to see on this map, but the scale on the lower left is 1000 ft. This means we’re within half a mile of the Castle (1), Gellért Hill (2), the Chain Bridge (3), less than a mile from the new Four Seasons Hotel (4), and steps away from Radáy Utca (5), also known as Radáy Soho, a new walking street with lots of nightlife.

Radáy Utca outside restaurants—lots of activity on summer nights.

Our camera is still missing, so all of these photos are from the online advertisement for the flat. This is the kids room at the far end.

This is the kitchen near the front entrance.

This is the intended home office. I’m still planning on getting an outside studio to work my late hours in, so this will likely turn into a guest room. Or, if work is slow, the studio becomes the guest room and I will be in the home office.

The bathroom, like the kitchen, has just been renovated.About the neighborhood, I found this writeup on the web. It’s for a temporary apartment aimed at Irelanders off to Budapest on holidays, and it describes the area pretty well.

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