Secret Agent from 1981

Wow! I haven’t seen this photo in years! That’s me, second from the right, wearing my polyester debating suit. Photo is from Rick White, second from the left.


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  1. crs says:

    wow. where did that come from?

  2. Lisa Sodders says:

    WOW. That sure takes me back! Weren’t you also voted “Most Likely to Take Over the World,” too?

    Mirrored shades are awesome, dude!

    Good luck with your move! Aki Takemura, my maid of honor has to move back to Japan for a year – VISA problems and I know you guys can relate. Sheesh. She’s lived here 20 years, spent thousands of dollars on a lawyer and still can’t get a green card. But the good news is her Jack Russell terrier is already safely back in Japan, being spoiled rotten by her parents.

    But all the cool people are moving out of the country, and this is very sad.

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