Working in Budapest

It’s very late at night here in Budapest, about 1am as I write this. It’s only 4pm in California, which is why I’m still up. I have active projects running with no fewer than 9 contractors this evening – and those contractors are scattered from the US to Japan to Romania to all parts of Western Europe.

I feel like an inhabitant of an early 90’s William Gibson novel. Take a look at my tiny desk in a borrowed (thank you, Anya!) bedroom in suburban Budapest.

1. Apple Macbook Pro (June 2007 release). Baddest laptop in existence, memory and hard disk maxed out to the current level of technology.

2. Diet Coke

3. Nokia E61 cellphone. It’s an older model from 2006, but WOW, I have never had this much capacity in a cellphone before. I’ve been told the rule-of-thumb is that cellphone capabilities lag behind computers by about five years. That would be about right with this one. Will review it later.

4. Bank security randomizer. This wigget will randomize my password to access my bank accounts, so that my password is never the same twice. Even if someone spies me typing my password, they still can’t access my account.

5. Lots of pens and pencils, placed here by 2 year old Andrea for me to use. Not one of them works.

6. A terabyte (that’s 1,000 gigabytes) of external hard drives, 500GB in each unit. Enough room to store over a quarter of a million single songs. And they are nearly full.

7. Telephone hard-wired to Temecula, California. Have to know how Pappy is doing.

8. Telephone hard-wired to Los Angeles, California.

9. Credit cards and cash (US dollars, Euros and Hungarian forints).

This desk is much cleaner than the one I have at home, incidentally.

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  1. crs says:

    don’t worry. i’m sure it won’t take long to clutter up the desk.

  2. MOM says:

    Dear Ed:
    Your desk is impressive. Don’t think I could keep all of those things straight. I think I liked our world better when things were simpler.
    To put a label on my age, I remember when Lum, an uncle, built a crystal set and for the first time we heard voices from space. Twas probably 1925 or 6.
    This is how we originally heard the Lone Ranger and the “soaps”.Our first radio came about a year later. But computers and E-Mail are great.

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