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Office and Apartment Complete (nearly)

Monday, February 11th, 2008

We’re in the apartment! Except for some minor difficulties, all is fine. We had no heat last night, but it was not a particularly cold night so no big problem. No mirror in the bathroom or anywhere else. Lots of trouble with the kitchen equipment which had never been used or tested.

As of this afternoon the heating is fixed, a large bathroom mirror installed and Gabi had finished cooking her first meal (spinach quiche) and running two loads of laundry. I’d say that counts as moving in.

The kids love the apartment. They’ve been playing throughout it all day. Dan-dan has his tracks and trains, and Camilla has a load of doll stuff and puzzles. Baby Aaron (whom I’ve not mentioned much, but he is here) is doing fine. He almost slept through the night again last night. Today, Gabi gave him his first solid food (he did not like it).

As to the office, Gabi and I spent three hours here this morning waiting for the cable guy to come and install the network. He finally did, and it is a about twice the speed of anything else that I have tested in Budapest. Whoopie! So, now my little office is strewn across the floor and I am typing on a little coffee table (hurting my back in the process). Tomorrow, we go to a large suburban store to buy a desk and chair, as well as some extension cords, so I can work more comfortably.

Wednesday and Thursday, Gabi is having guests over. Friday I will work late again and, almost as soon as work is over, hop in a taxi to go to the airport and fly to San Francisco. Saturday, Gabi has a half dozen people coming over to the apartment for a little housewarming. Sorry that I’m missing that.