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Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

I haven’t given you enough pictures lately. I’m now going to make up for that.

The Big Ones running outside our 3rd story apartment. Don’t fall!
Here is our destination today: the Great Market Hall (Nagycsarnok). It’s an enclosed marketplace in downtown Budapest about three blocks from our apartment. Food, more food, chocolates, pickles, paprika and more food.

Dan-dan in the middle of the market.

Eating at a stall on the second floor of the market.

We celebrated Camilla’s third birthday last weekend. Her real birthday is Saturday, but I’ll be on a long plane flight to San Francisco then. The Barbie doll you see in front of her is really a birthday cake, baked around a Barbie doll. Really cool!

The most wonderful gift was a new, full-sized Lumpy to replace the one we left in the US.

A clean, modern and full-furnished apartment in downtown Budapest.