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Thursday, February 14th, 2008

This is the last “normal” night of work before heading to San Francisco. Talked to Big Dan and Gisela today. Work has slowed down, which is a great help.

The five of us were running around the city late this afternoon, trying to find the doctor who needed to OK the kids to start school. I didn’t have a chance to meet her (we were running late, so I hopped on a subway to get the office), but Gabi said she was full of useful advice.

Tomorrow, we get internet installed in the main apartment. At that point, the office will be for serious work and during slower times I can still monitor the business and answer the phone/email from home. The connection won’t be as stout as the office, since the monopoly holder in that district only has ADSL connections available.

I bought Gabi two roses last night from the all-night flower stand on Museum Street. Almost the only other person I run into when coming home is the poor soul running that late-night shack in the middle of the sidewalk. Selling flowers. Funny thing.