Apartment and Office Done

We now have the apartment and the office. They are a five minute walk apart. The office, a one room apartment with a small kitchen in a nice building, is at the Astoria Metro, right down the street from the Great Synagogue on Dohány Street, the largest Jewish house of worship in the Eastern Hemisphere. Lots of kosher food in the area.

We have not signed the lease, but since it is through the same agent, we’re not expecting any problems. Once we have it, it will be an excellent place for any visitors to stay.

At this rate, we’ll be almost entirely settled in Budapest only two weeks after arriving. Record time! Gabi still needs to jump through hoops to get the kids entered into school, but most of the big stuff is done. We have a place to stay. We have internet access. I have a place I can work.

So, time for more pictures! I’ll save interior shots of the apartments until Gabi has a chance to work on them. The main family apartment is still under renovation, and the office has simply not been taken care of.

Dan-dan and Camilla getting ready to visit cousins.
Peter (Gabi’s cousin’s husband) with Aunt Babi outside Great Grandma’s house. The car is Peter’s, though he is trying to sell it right now so he can buy one with a larger trunk.

This is an outside view of our apartment building. It is down the street, just beyond the white building. I’ll get a better shot later, I just happened to be in the area today (timing the walk from the office).

Entrance to our main apartment. No more photos yet … wait until Gabi has put her touch on things.

This is a photo from the landing outside the office.

This pub is located right between the office and the apartment. I wonder who might be stopping here on Friday nights, after the work week is done?

This is Budapest’s answer to Starbucks, also located right between the office and the apartment.

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  1. chris says:

    is the pub open at 3 in the morning when you wrap up?

  2. Ed says:

    Pubs shut down around 3am here – the nightclubs are open until 4am or after. And on normal Fridays, I should be able to shut down by 2am.

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