Last Night at Great Grandma’s

Big Saturday here. We had an early birthday party for Camilla. 15 people attended, lots of gifts, cake, Unicum (Hungarian special alcohol) and such. Camilla got puzzles, dolls and a new Lumpy doll (we accidentally left hers in Temecula when we left).

Tomorrow is our big move. We will be the first people to sleep in the newly rennovated apartment at Kalvin Ter. I’m looking forward to having a shower I can stand up in, living in a real downtown and generally being on our own in a strange, new world.

Right now, Gabi and I are in front of the TV at Grandma’s place. Everyone is asleep. I’m logged on through my cellphone. Martini in hand.

All is well. Back to y’all on Monday from my very own internet connection, from my very own office. I love it.

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