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Thursday, March 6th, 2008

A few family updates here:

  • Dan-dan and Camilla’s Hungarian improve rapidly. Dan-dan’s speaks Hungarian in full sentences with appropriate grammar (and if you know Hungarian grammar, that’s a big deal). Camilla will still frequently respond to Hungarian queries with “Uh huh”, but clearly understands what’s being said.
  • Dan-dan and Camilla are going to start school on Monday. This does not mean that Gabi is done with the local bureaucracy. In fact, she is probably going to be dealing with the bureaucracy until almost the day we leave.
  • Wednesday was Dad’s 45th birthday. “Hey, I’m 45 now! Does that mean I can go out and play?” “Stop it with your dang mid-life crisis!” I got myself a new external monitor for the office and a test Linux server for my birthday.
  • Dad’s other birthday present (from Gabi) was a visit to a private ENT doc to get his ears cleaned out. Now he can hear the Hungarian he is supposed to be learning.
  • Also on Dad’s birthday, we gave Grandpa Cal and Grandma Gene a digital tour of our apartment. We made a video call on Skype and walked the laptop around the apartment so that they could see everything.
  • We’re off to rural Hungary next week to visit Gabi’s God parents in Southern Hungary.
  • Note from Temecula says that Pappy is OK, misses us, but is being taken for walks and the like.
  • Dad’s current project is to get email working properly on his server. It works OK for personal stuff, but it needs to get some rigorous updates (four of them!) to ensure that everyone can get email from us.

That’s it from Budapest! More soon!