Behind the Curve

The Economist article (cited below) has me way behind the curve. Engineers at Google now travel and work with only a Blackberry. If there is something to be done that requires a full keyboard, they can pull up to any computer anywhere in the world and access their files and programs using a browser. I can’t quite do that yet … graphic design programs are still computer-based, rather than cloud-based and a lot of my business requires them.

The office-less company is now becoming standard, such that commercial real estate is seeing a loss of market in some of the bigger cities. I’ve been office-less since 2002. I’ve occasionally fantasized about having an office again, looked at prices and said to myself, “Why throw all that money away?”

Can someone explain this to me? It was a throw-away line in the 14 page report, and they did not elaborate: “Five of the ten bestselling novels in Japan last year were written on mobile phones.” How, why, what, huh?

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  1. crs says:

    texting is a whole new arena. Andy (remember him? Lit grad student @SDSU, wife Sunje) made a passing comment about texting as literature. Japan being also the home of the youth driven graphic novel makes it all make sense.

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