Café Culture

Spring has sprung here in Budapest. All of the restaurants and pubs are converting themselves to streetside cafés. There is one in our building that is rather well-known, Véndiák, which we’ve not gone to as long as it was a classy, but glass-enclosed pub. Now that it has opened itself to the street, it is much more inviting and we’ve stopped in twice now.

The first time, while sipping drinks for a total of maybe fifteen minutes, Two of the passers by were people we knew who stopped to say hello. Really cool! Not something that you would see in car-culture Southern California.

The second time, Gabi and I stopped by during the day for lunch with Aaron. When leaving, the waiter asked if we had two older kids. “Yes, but how did you know?” He’d seen me walking by them during the days.

I suppose this fits the definition of a “Third Place” — not home, not office, but a place you can go and belong. I like it.

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