Car Ferry

I’ve been experimenting with some new controls in WordPress. One of them is to allow me to upload full-size photos. In the past, I’ve had to upload reduced size images to make sure they fit inside the blog’s frame. Unfortunately, this means if Mom (or anyone else) wants to print the picture, they’re stuck with a very small, unusable image.

The new system means that I upload a full-size image, and the blog automatically reduces the size to fit in its frame. If you click on any photo now, you’ll download a full-size, printable image. That will be true for every photo from now on in the blog.

Going across the Danube

Here we are on a really, really old Car Ferry going across the Danube at Visegrád. We went there this Sunday to explore a real castle with the kids. It was great fun!

Click on the picture to see it at its real size!

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