Pest City Wall

This photo shows a portion of the Pest City Wall (Pest is the East Bank city of Budapest — Buda is the city on the West bank). The City Wall was built in the 1400’s after the Mongol Invasion to better protect Pest’s citizens. Not much of the Wall survives — there are two large fragments near our house. The amazing thing to me is that our apartment is located inside the Wall. This fragment is three blocks away from us, walking away from the Danube. That means the area is really, really urban. Its been urban for centuries.

In other news, congrats to Andy and Ashley on their wedding in Florida! We’ve seen the photos here and from Charley on Facebook. Thursday starts a four day holiday here in Hungary (and most of the rest of the non-US world), May Day. We’ll be taking the kids to the parade on Thursday and have lots of family get togethers over the holiday. No doubt, some of the better photos will find their way onto the blog.

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