the big day

wedding party

Well here is the big day. Yesterday, April 26th Andy Parkinson, first grandchild of the steussy clan and Ashley Cooper got married. It was a beautiful setting and went off without a hitch from my perspective except for a slight moment when the best man seemed to have forgotten which pocket he put the rings in.

The day started warm and clear and after Isabella (flower girl, seated) and I took a swim she was whisked away to get her hair done with the rest of the party. The non-wedding party (or Budapest dwelling) siblings went out to a nice lunch at a 50s style diner. Nic, Marti, Helen alex, KC & TJ enjoyed a relaxing meal before afternoon errands and getting dolled up for the wedding. My errands included going here;

Daytona Intl. Speedway

To buy a present for our son Calvin (six) who stayed at home with Mom. After the track I made my way to the wedding sight to be greeted by the beautiful flower girl;


Cold wine and beer flowed as guests mingled in the warm late Florida afternoon including the president of Beacon College where Andy and Ashley met and both graduated from seen here ctaching up with Andy before the big day.

Andy and the president

The wedding was originally going to take place at Disney World where Andy worked for a while but without his employment there the event was switched to Ashley’s house. The vows were taken on a rather precarious wooden “stage” set atop a waterfall flowing into a pool with flower petals floating on top. Very pretty and lots of joke fodder about “jumping in” but seating was at a bit of a premium. I’m sure many better pictures will be coming but this is proof that it happened.

The vows

After the vows and the praying and the preaching by a pretty entertaining and folksy southern preacher man the formal shots were shot while more cold beer and wine flowed for the guests. At one unguarded moment Ashley said , “Hey Andy, hold these” at which moment I caught this pic not likely to be in the official album.

He\'s got it all

Finally a great dinner was served with much newlywed kissing and guests mingling. It was rather late rather quick though and as the cake was just about to be served around 10pm Nic and Marti(seen Here)Wedding Dinner

had to say good night. Isabella and I also had a very early flight to catch (wake up call at 4am) so after cake we said our good-byes. Sorry I can’t report on the dancing and the late night festivities but I’m sure we’ll hear about that all later. Here’s one last Pic (hope I didn’t fill the blog up!) of the new husband getting more grub.

Andy eats as a married man

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