Disaster in Computer Land

Sunday afternoon, we returned from an outing in Budapest’s main park. I stepped to the computer and tried to turn it on. Nothing on the screen. I could hear things whirring and beeping in appropriate ways, but no joy getting anything on the screen.

When I initially put all of my personal and business lives onto a laptop, I knew this would happen sooner or later, and probably in some terribly inappropriate location or time. Well, it happened here.

I took my dead machine to the local Apple Store. They said, yes, it’s under warranty but will likely take 3 weeks to order parts and fix it. I can’t be offline for three hours, much less three weeks, so the next move was to pull out the credit card and buy a replacement computer.

I’m now sitting in the office waiting for Time Machine to finish its business and let me carry on with my work. It will be interesting to see how well the backup works – all of the websites, discussion boards and blogs I looked at raved about it.

Update soon, I hope.


Five hours later. A big “atta-boy” to the folks who designed Time Machine. Everything went without a hitch. The new MacBook Pro is a photocopy of the old one – all the passwords, hidden wi-fi connections, etc. are all there for me to use. Plays Scrabble very well, I made two very good moves.

And very big razzberry to the folks at Parallels, the only program that would not work after transferring to the new laptop. (For those who don’t know, Parallels sometimes allows users to run MS Windows software on their Macs.)

To anyone at Parallels: yes, I have a fully legal copy of your software. No, it would not work on the new computer. Yes, your website told me to download the new version and all would be fine. No, you did not accept my valid and paid for registration number. No, you did not answer the phone. Yes, your answering machine did hang up on me after half an hour. Yes, you did charge me $30 for telephone technical support when I was desperate to talk to someone, so I could tell them about your accounting error that does not allow me to use your website. No, you did not answer that phone call either, even after I had paid you. Yes, because I am traveling and have no option but to use the virtual machines I have built with your program, though I am absolutely sure now to move to VMWare after this experience, I BOUGHT A NEW DAMN PARALLELS LICENSE for $79 so I could download the should-have-been-free update of your software so your DAMN PROGRAM would work. And, yes, it was a 1 o’clock in the morning here in Budapest, as a matter of fact (4pm in California, so you don’t have an excuse).

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