For regular readers of this blog you’ll remember not every single entry is from Ed.  This is from brother Chris holding down the fort in Southern California and as you can guess from the title we are indeed expecting.  Baby Aaron will have a like aged cousin playmate.  Here’s our own brood finding out.

 Norma is 18 weeks along and Isabella (8) and Calvin (6) are thrilled (Daddy’s happy as well).  Our projected due date is Oct. 22 and everything is proceeding as expected.  We have an ultrasound scheduled for June 3rd I think though we are not inclined to find out the gender so please if I post the scan don’t tell.

The picture stems from a story I have always been told about how I was introduced to the family.  I was the last of five kids and when Mom found out she was pregnant with me she had a full house with three substantially older kids, Cally then 12, Nic 11 and Helen 9 (Ed was 2).  Dad apparently gave Mom a gift of a child’s silver spoon with a ruby and diamond broach attached for good measure.  Well Norma didn’t get a broach but I stopped by Tiffany’s on the way home from work (sometimes living in a city is nice) and bought a new sterling silver spoon (the others had been passed down to us already) with Norma’s full knowledge of what I was doing.  We had not told the kids until we were well out of the first tri-mester but now it seemed like it was near time as Norma is starting to show a bit.

So I pulled in the garage and the kids as per usual tumbled down the stairs to greet me and I said, “hey kids, I have a suprise for you all!  There’s a gift for Mommy in the trunk why don’t you take it up to her?”  They took up the wrapped Tiffany’s box (thinking it was chocolate) and then watched Mami open the spoon.

They had no idea, no clue, what it was for.  We finally fessed up after they played with the spoon a bit and the only word I can think of is “beam”.  They just beamed at Mami and back and appear every bit as thrilled as they could be.

So here we are. I’ve been scanning classifieds looking for a new family car.  Norma is resting a lot and we’re on our way to a new little adventure.  I’d love to hear stories from the older siblings or Mom and Dad about their memory of the spoon gift.  Our spoon is now resting and waiting for its first use.


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  1. Ed says:

    Congrats! Please keep us updated, and looking forward to seeing all of you in August.

  2. Mom says:

    Dad and I are both thrilled to have grandchild number 14 on the way. I know all of you will enjoy the addition.
    When I found out I was pregnant with you I was not immediately pleased as I felt I had a “full plate” and swore Dad to secrecy in the early months. At Thanksgiving we went to Madison and I told Grandma Helen my feelings. Her comment has stayed with me, “Gene, the heart is elastic. There is always room for one more”. How right she was, as I realized when I first held you. You were one of God’s special gifts to me. You were my bonus.

  3. Ed says:

    A great comment, Mom!

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