Five for Adventure!

It’s not often we can get all five of us together, in one photo, smiling and with all eyes open. This is a rarity. Don’t expect too many blog posts or Scrabble moves for the next couple of days. We’re off to Sopron in Western Hungary. Not for any particular reason. Just to see what’s there.

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  1. Mom says:

    Nice photo. Dad gave me one of those tiny Canon’s for Mother’s Day. My idea. Went to Frys’s. bought it, gave it to Nic to give to Dad to tell him this is what he bought me. He was pleased. It corrects red eye, image stabilizer, have not figured out al of the gadgets, many of which I will never use. Today Helen and Casey are off to Ireland, Charley is moving to a new apartment this weekend, Andy is still looking for a job and Dad and I are home, playing Scrabble after a three hour power disruption brought on by high, high winds. Have fun.

  2. Lisa Sodders says:

    Wow! Don’t you all look great! Can’t believe how much the kids have all grown! Frank and I just got back from a trip to Paso Robles (wine tasting tour we got as a wedding present) and Hearst Castle – we’ll send you guys pix when we get them processed.
    Sounds like you’re having some exciting adventures in Hungary!

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