Greek Islands

When flying back to Budapest last weekend, we flew over some of the Greek Islands. These islands are all amazing close to one another, just 5 to 15 miles away from each other. They are a sailor’s dream. Wake up late in the morning, get breakfast, raise anchor and hoist the sail. You’re at your next destination by martini hour.

Santorini, which was a bit further from the plane, is the most beautiful of the islands. The entire island is a semi-submerged volcano. Snow white villages dot the vertical cliffs on the inside walls of the crater. We had planned to go there on a day-trip, but canceled since we knew the kids would break down over the fourteen hour trip. I’ve seen it, but Gabi hasn’t. On the list of a thousand places to see before you die, Santorini is in the top five.

As I mentioned, the islands are very close together. When I was in Greece in 1987, I spent five days on Naxos swimming on the Western beaches, three days in Ios (the party capital of the islands), then on for a week in Santorini. Naxos was full of holidayers from Italy, England and Germany. Ios was a younger crowd, partying until the wee hours of the morning. On that island of 500 residents, there were 50 bars and 3 discos. The visitors were mostly Scandinavian.

One day, I’d like to lease a nice, substantial sailboat and spend time sailing around these islands. Yes, I really think so. It would be a good idea.

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