Jogging in Downtown Budapest

I’ve really enjoyed my every-other-day, five kilometer jog around downtown Budapest. There is very little that I miss on my morning jog. The route above is the one I did this morning, probably the last one that I will do before we leave. Here are the highlights of the jog:

  • A. Home, at University Square.
  • B. The Elizabeth Bridge (I go under it)
  • C. The Castle. I don’t get close to it, but can see it from three different angles as I jog.
  • D. The Duna Korzo, or the Danube Embankment. Full of hotels, statues, cafes and such.
  • E. The Chain Bridge.
  • F. The Gresham Palace, now the Four Seasons Hotel.
  • G. Parliament.
  • H. Imre Nagy Memorial
  • I. US Embassy, fronted by the Soviet War Memorial.
  • J. Saint Stephen Basilica
  • K. Vaci Utca. Budapest’s Boardwalk, with cafes, shops, and lots of tourists.

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