Starbuck's Closings

It’s funny how I associate Starbucks with high culture. The company just released the full list of 600 stores they are closing in the US. I was sure that Temecula, now hit hard by the real estate collapse, would see several of its ten locations close. All ten will remain open.

Not so lucky are those communities a bit further out in the Inland Empire. Hemet will see all of their stores close. San Diego was particularly hard hit.

And in my home town of New Castle, Indiana, the sole Starbucks in town will also close. Sorry to niece Nicky who works there.

The full list of closings is available here (PDF format).

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  1. Mom says:

    Yes, I guess it tried to grow too fast without adequate investigation. It’s sad about New Castle. It was/is one of the nicest designed and has some atmosphere of the newer stores. I guess there was just not the volumn. In Indy my old one s closing on 96th Street, I quit going there when a new one opened just half a mile east with drive through service.
    Strange but in Illinois we have two within a half mile of each other. I was certain the oilder one without drive through would close but neither one is listed.
    I must sat I’m addicted and find it hard to drive by one. MOM

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