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First Wedding

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

The five of us went with cousin Alex to Tunde’s 11th annual pumpkin carving party last night. The subject of our first wedding came up. When I proposed to Gabi, we knew that we would run into problems with her citizenship, so the first thing we did (after a week or two of celebrating) was to go see an immigration lawyer. When he informed us of how long it would take to get Gabi even partially through the system (I think it was 2 and a half years), we decided to get officially married as soon as possible. Alex said she wanted to see our photo, so here it is.

The photo above is our only picture from that wedding. It was the perfect guy’s wedding – Wednesday afternoon at the Norwalk City Hall (recommended by the lawyer as being fast with paperwork), no fuss, $125 including lunch (at Denny’s, as you can see) and everyone is very happy! This was followed by the guy honeymoon – 10 days on a motorcycle through California wine country.

We would have had more photos, but we only had an early digital camera and we left without recharging it. We had enough charge for one photo only.

Anyway, so every year we celebrate two anniverseries – the guy wedding on February 7 and the main wedding on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.