Homework. Dan-dan’s teacher has been assigning it since the beginning of kindergarten, four weeks ago. Dan-dan got in the swing of it after a week or so. Here are his four Friday spelling tests so far, with grades out of a possible 6 points. After a terrible first test, he is now either perfect or missing one word on his tests. Mom and Dad are very proud of him.

Dan-dan is not the only one showing achievements. Camilla is showing off her early morning drawing of herself (left) and Mom (right). Pretty good before brushing your teeth in the morning!

A quick note on homework routine. Now that Dan-dan is doing his when he comes home (and getting parental praise for it), Camilla insists on doing her own “homework” next to him at the dining room table. Camilla’s homework consists of writing practice letters and drawings similar to the one above.

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