Last Friday morning, I bent over to pick up a bar of soap in the shower. Normally, this would not be worth a blog mention. However, I did something wrong in bending over and now have burning hot poker sticking out of my lower back whenever I move in any way that it doesn’t like. And forget sitting in comfy chairs – that doesn’t work either. It’s been five days now, and it seems to (on average) be getting better. But for five days, I have not picked up Baby Aaron, played Wii and have avoided doing anything that requires me to move from a comfortable sitting position in a chair with a good backrest. Playing Fallout 3 (great game) works fine, as does reading the Economist.

Please, no requests for meetings or travel over the next week or so. Give me some time to kill Super Mutants, errr, recover.

The year has started off quite well. Business is thriving, MacWorld was great. I do wonder what Mac people will do for a convention next year, if anything. With the demise of E3 in 2006 (done solely to remove Douglas Lowenstein from power), videogame veterans and fans have not had a convention dedicated to them and seem poorer for it.

Regarding Brother Christopher’s vote for movie of the year, I haven’t seen it. However, I note that he writes his positive review solely for personal nostalgic reasons. I suppose he is not alone in this, but nostalgia is completely personal. I have a Hungarian wife, whose nostalgia is for spices and recipes of Budapest and decades past, who looks at some of the things I watch (original Star Trek episodes come to mind) and says, “How can you stand that boring thing?” Sacrilege!

Kids are growing. Dan-dan came home with his normal assignment of six 3- and 4-letter words that he needs to spell correctly for a Friday test. Amazingly, he spelled each of them correctly on my Monday pre-test, without ever practicing the words before. Very good, Daniel, very good indeed. Surprised Dad, let me tell you.

I have a long post on memes that is finally coming together, which I’ll post here in the coming weeks. And we have a few announcements planned. 2009 will not be a boring year …

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