Phil Harding


Phil Harding, current age 46. He is 13 in the photo above.

I last talked with Phil in 2001, when he was unable to come to my wedding. Recently, a group from our high school class (New Castle Chrysler High School 1981) found each other on Facebook. We’ve been wondering what’s happened to Phil.

Last known address: 2280 Mira Monte Corona, CA. 92879. Married. Two daughters.

Worked at Val Verde Unified School District as Technology Integration Specialist.

If anyone knows where he is, please make a comment here or email me.

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  1. crs says:

    as of 08 he was still in the same district with the same job it appears.

  2. admin says:

    I think you’ve found him, Chris. Thanks!

  3. Phil Harding says:

    Wow what a good looking guy on your blog ! You should have seen his debate partner who looked like a young Kevin Bacon.
    Ed sorry I went missing life gets crazy as you well know. How are you doing ? Use for communications.

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