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Up! Review

Sunday, June 7th, 2009


Up! was a great movie! Dan-dan, Camilla and I saw it yesterday in the movie theatre – it was great fun. I came home and started looking for places to attach balloons so we could go traveling too. Camilla started crying, “I don’t want to go anywhere!” It was OK – we only had two balloons around the house – not even enough to lift the cat.

On the subject of Up!, the age ratings on movies appear to be falling into irrelevancy. Up! was rated PG. I have trouble imagining a more G movie than this (I implicitly trust Pixar, but no other movie studio – including Disney – to produce high quality movies aimed at younger kids). The Madagascar series was also PG-rated. It makes a parent pause for just a moment, but then realize that someone, somewhere is playing Cover-Your-Ass-from-Lawyers.

Coach Woodfin Predicts … (1946)

Sunday, June 7th, 2009


And, yes, this is Gene Woodfin (prior to her becoming Gene Woodfin Steussy). I was searching on the internet for something else, and found an XML programming sheet with references to her name associated with unlinked files. It took some noodling around, but I found the archives of the Richmond Collegian, which lists several articles with reference my mother. Click on this or any of the other images to get a full size look at the article of newspaper page. The full page is here.

Other pages include:

gene_woodfin_freshman_sec_1938Gene Woodfin elected class secretary in 1938 – the earliest mention that is referenced.

Also, two articles on one page from 1942! Located here, one is for receiving an athletic letter, the other is for archery.


gene_woodfin_leaves_1947_headlineHere is the article that mentions Gene leaving for Wisconsin in 1947. Full page is here.

The search engine for the college newspaper is here.