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Star Trek Review

Friday, June 12th, 2009

star_trek_2009I finally saw the new JJ Abram’s Star Trek movie. We missed opening night due to a sick baby-sitter. I know I would have enjoyed it much more watching with a theatre full of rabid fans. Watching it nearly alone at a Thursday matinee on the last day it was showing in Temecula, it’s a different thing entirely.

Yes, it’s a nice looking movie. The actors chosen for Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura are excellent. Engineer Scott is wrong, Sulu is suitable but not excellent. And Chekov … Chekov. I suppose that they had to make a decision – do we give Chekov a real Russian accent or do we continue with Walter Koenig’s horrible faked accent (which misses “v” sound, of all things!)? They decided to keep the bad accent.

It was a suitable movie, and I loved seeing 78 year old Leonard Nimoy as Spock and hearing the late Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (Nurse Chapel) as the voice of the computer.

The movie got me to wondering how long the franchise might continue. I seriously doubt that younger audiences are going to be buy in to the mythology with this movie. The real effects of Star Trek were made on me and my generation during the 60’s and 70’s – when the original TV show was cutting edge. I think the movie was for rabid fans (like me) to show the universe they love with a modern retelling to their children, spouses and friends.

Expedia Sucks

Friday, June 12th, 2009

expediaOh, will I never learn? I booked a flight for three of us (Dan-dan, Camilla and me) from San Diego to Wisconsin this summer for a family reunion. Gabi and Aaron are staying home, since Gabi will be eight months pregnant then. When I booked the tickets in March through Expedia (wrong move!), I inadvertantly had us arriving late the night before and leaving very early the morning after the reunion, with no extra time to visit with family.

I spent a good half hour on the phone today with the airline and Expedia. Checking the airline’s website, I can see that prices on the tickets are now much less than when I bought them three months ago. Expedia insists that changing the tickets will cost $1000. Heck, buying all new tickets for the return and swallowing the old ones would only cost $500. The airline (Air Tran) refuses to do anything with tickets purchased through Expedia.

The rule to follow in the future goes like this. Use Expedia to find the cheapest flight, then go to the airline’s own website and buy your ticket there. You’ll almost certainly get the same price and, if you should need to change your flight, the airline will take relatively good care of you. Expedia seems to think it’s business is over once it has sold you the ticket.