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End of School 2009

Saturday, June 13th, 2009


Yes, the Temecula Montessori Academy does a kindergarten graduation ceremony. I am not a fan (I think this should be reserved for high school and higher education). Nonetheless, both Dan-dan and Camilla have gone far further with their first year in serious school than I ever expected. Both are reading and writing clearly (and better than I did after first grade). Dan-dan’s math and grammar knowledge are mind-blowing for his age. Truly, a worthy investment. Highly recommended.

Note in the photo below that Dan-dan has lost both of his front teeth.


The following day, there was a Summer Festival show put on by the teachers and students. The following three clips are very cute (but I’m biased). The girl dancing with Camilla (yellow hat) is her friend, Tanya Keshar (red hat).