Freitag Reunion

The Freitag Family Reunion was a smashing success. Everyone had a great time. I only wish we could have stayed longer. There were about 40 descendants of Nicholas Freitag (1872-1952) and Elsbeth Hefty (1873-1941) gathered together in New Glarus last week. I only have a few photos, but hope to find a few more posted by other people soon.


Nicholas Freitag’s Farm House from 1906, with Daniel Solon Steussy running across the porch.

IMG_1740Camilla Nora Steussy with her laptop, ready to arrive at the Farm House for a weekend outing.

IMG_1732The Landhaus welcomes us. Note that though this is the Freitag Family reunion, there is no one named Freitag here.

IMG_1783Drinks at Mary and Larry’s beautiful house in the woods, near New Glarus.

IMG_1815The youngest brothers Steussy, both in California now.

IMG_1814Nic Sammond and his significant other, Aubrey. Nic is proudly displaying “Bug Off”, an essential ingredient to the weekend’s festivities.

IMG_1818Daughter Charley and Mother Cally Parkinson pose at the entrance.

IMG_1822Camilla and Isabella on the railing outside the Farm House.

IMG_1852Daniel Steussy, Camilla Steussy, Nic Steussy, Andy Parkinson, Rich Parkinson, Misty McPhee, Alex Steussy-Williams, Nic McPhee eating Hans’ fine cooking on the porch of the Farm House.

IMG_1807Ashley Parkinson, Camilla Steussy and Charley Parkinson working on Camilla’s hair.

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    Didn’t you have a Freitag farm site up? Were the by-laws on it or do you otherwise have a copy?

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